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Tuesday 2 March 2010

Why should I make a developer blog?

About 3 years ago a friend of mine I used to work with told me he was going to make a developer blog. He planned to put all the interesting discoveries he made whilst going about his day job coding ASP.NET/C# into a blog.

So I did what's right; I called him an idiot and took the piss out of him for having such a stupid idea. He is a mate after all. Anyway, 3 years on and I'm starting to think he could have been on to something. I mean blogging has caught on somewhat...

I too am a (predominantly) ASP.NET/C# and SQL developer and I have been doing this work intensely for about 4 years now. I could not have got anywhere near the level of experience I have if it weren't for the plethora of blogs and forum posts a mere Google away.

So I have everything I need; why should I make a developer blog? I know I make interesting discoveries that other developers can benefit from but how does that help me?! I know this is incredibly selfish and we'd all be worse off if everyone subscribed to this viewpoint but even still this is my spare time we're talking about and there is beer to be drunk.

I'm still not 100% sure why I should start a developer blog at this point if I'm honest. However, here are a list of reasons that have motivated me to come this far:
  • I often work out solutions to problems myself after intensive Googling has failed me. It must be criminal to sit on these secrets
  • My use of blogs so far is almost entirely selfish and that is just being rude
  • I must be getting older (currently approaching 26) because I can feel irresponsibility slipping through my fingers
  • I'm proud of my work so why not show it off
  • I can forget the solutions to problems I have previously solved. This is good documentation too!
  • I would be so so happy with myself if I started to get the feeling I was helping people
  • I think writing a blog that really actually helps people is a new and massive challenge for me. I'm really interested to see if I can do it
  • I would take great pleasure to see people reading and commenting on my posts. Absolutely love it

On that note, please feel free to comment on this post if you can think of any other motives for blogging or if you have any feedback for my first post :)

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  1. Go Colin! Looking forward to hearing about the gems you discover.

    And if you get really stuck on some code - you know where I am. ;)

  2. Im Colin's inspiration, i am the reason he gave birth to this blog, i am the friend he used to work with!

    Oh my god i hate you so much, for getting a not half bad blog up with stuff that id happily spend my precious time reading. Im so jealous, and the sad thing is i still havent got my ass in gear and got my own blog up and running, im so gonna kick your ass and get something up and running at least 3 times better than yours.

    Watch this space, its so happening now because i feel like such a pleb now.

  3. I think one reason on this term might be to prove yourself genius, that you can provide solutions that help people. In a way you wants to be known to the people. There are many answers to this but I think the main thing is to help people and to have some discussion to which you can even get help.

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