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Thursday 9 February 2012

Add Cloud and Local service configurations when there is only a Default

I would like a cloud and local versions of my service configurations to change some of the configuration settings in different deployments to either Local or Cloud. Sometimes you have only one service configuration called "Default" which is not enough. This guide shows how to add more.

So you only have one Service configuration file? You would be better off with more than one since it is likely you would want to have different configuration setting defined for different deployments e.g. storage emulator used for local deployments and Azure for cloud deployments.

Right click on one of your roles and go to properties. On the Service Configuration drop down select <Manage...>

On the Manage Service Configurations dialogue box you want to click the Default configuration (for example) and click 'Create copy' and rename it to 'Local'. Do the same again for 'Cloud' and then remove 'Default'.

You should now have two versions of the service configuration, both Local and Default.

These two versions of ServiceConfiguration, Local and Cloud, are now in existence which conforms with the standard set up when you have a new Azure Service. Of course, these service configurations will be duplicates of each other so you will need to make the appropriate changes in them to reflect that, e.g. set the storage account to point to Azure on Cloud and storage emulator on Local service configurations.

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