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Wednesday 31 March 2010

Visual Studio 2010 release date. Be the first to know!


Get the Visual Studio 2010 release date and exact time!

What to know the release date for Visual Studio 2010? Want to know the minute VS2010 is released to MSDN subscribers? Here's how.

I had to speak to Microsoft recently to calm my anticipation. I've been using the RC for a while now but am not confident to launch to production with it. I am still waiting for Visual Studio 2010 to be released.

The kind people at MS provided me with a MDSN subscription downloads RSS. You can use this feed to keep up to date with what has become available in the downloads centre.

I know it will be launched on Monday 12th April 2010 so you can expect it by then. But if it is released before that you can find out with the MSDN downloads feed:

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