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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Share admin login with LiveID in the Azure Management Portal

Has this happened to you? Someone else signed up to use Windows Azure and you are the one who is working on it. You want to access this Azure Portal with a different LiveID? Your LiveID?

Let me guess - your CTO/director decided that Azure is awesome and signed up for its free trial. He had a click around and then quickly passed it on to you, the developer, to work on it. Now you are getting irritated having to remember the new weird LiveID and password and you are tired having to log in and out of your other applications that use your LiveID.

Then the way forward is for you to add a Co-Admin to the Azure Portal. This will allow you to log in with your LiveID that you are used to.

Add new Co-Admin to your Azure account

In your Azure Management portal:

  • Go to the "Hosted Services, Storage Accounts & CDN" tab.
  • Then click "User Management".
  • Click "Add New Co-Admin".
  • Type in your LiveID and select the subscription they can administrate.

Your new LiveID is now added to the list of users and should be a Co-Administrator which has all the power you need to manage the technical side of your available subscriptions.

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