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Monday, 14 February 2011

Working solution breaks on new machine. IIS setup with URL Rewrite Module

A solution that works fine on one machine will not work on a different development machine. I just received a 503 service unavailable error and the IIS rewrite module was giving an error saying "There was an error while performing this operation" and "Unrecognized attribute 'trackAllCaptures'"

When I get a massive IIS style, 'light blue screen of death' error message it is usually something to do with web.config not recognising some attribute. Clicking about the various modules in my site through IIS I soon discovered that it was the URL rewrite module specifically I was having problems with. It was saying that trackAllCaptures was an unrecognised attribute.

It was complaining about not recognising a particular node. This was because I hadn't got IIS URL Rewriter installed on my new machine. Installing it works a treat!

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