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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Google's DFP adservices have no secure HTTPS ability!

I have been getting security warning on my secure pages because an unsecure resource has crept in since I've started using Google Ad Services.

You will struggle using Google's "DFP" adservices on secure https pages since Google is not hosting their file on anything capable of serving securely.

Well, they will work, but they will undermine your attempts to reassure users they are on a secure page. In IE8 for example you get the huge AAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!! IT'S UNSECURE THEREFORE YOU ARE DEFINITELY BEING HACKED. YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO CLICK 'NO' TO PROCEED UNTOUCHED!!! style ridiculous error.

So what the hell are Google ad services playing at?

Usually, you would just reference the secure version of jQuery, skimlinks, OpenX etc so avoid this problem. As a someone trying to push from OpenX to DFP I am disheartened. Will they ever support https? "Not at this time."

Google: sometimes you can be quite disappointing. I first found this problem October 2010. Still there now... (23rd Feb 2011)

Update - It now works!

It now works. Thanks to a commenter I thought I'd recheck the situation and it looks like Google have resolved this issue as of 7th July 2011 (or some point before). You can access which will now keep your secure pages happy.

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  1. Do you know of any work around to this issue.

    One idea I had was to add an iframe to the secure page and then serve the ad through that as a separately requested http page. You might then not get the message in IE8 due to the iframe.

    Unless you have a neater solution that is?

  2. You prompted me to check if it is still not available. Turns out it does work now so there is no need for a work around!