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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Azure AppFabric Cache billing

I have started using Windows Azure AppFabric Cache service recently and I was confused at how much money it was costing.

I started using a new subscription yesterday and I seem to have already used 53.68 MB of my 128MB cache. In one day?!

However, if I look at my cache in the Azure management portal I am not using it at all!

So where has this 53MB of AppFabric Cache come from? Since I've only put my site live for less than 24hrs I was worried I was blazing through my 128MB/month allowance but then I thought about it logically for a moment. You don't use up a cache you just use it. It doesn't go anywhere.

How AppFabric Cache usage is calculated and billed

With this in mind it becomes obvious what has happened. I set my AppFabric cache up before I got around to deploying my site. So really it has been used since 22nd December, which is 13 days ago. It is irrelevant that I have deployed a site onto it only yesterday.

Look at the maths: 128MB/31days = 4.13MB/day * 13days = 53.68MB. It is a confusing way of displaying it but still, it makes sense.

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  1. Even I have noticed that it's quite expensive but in other terms it has many good features too. It markets your keys over several nodes as well as you are able to range out without having to make changes to your client layer.

  2. Funny. You should probably double and triple check your billing.

    Got my statement today and I was billed $46 USD but I'm 100% sure I did not deploy anything into Cache or Azure itself.

    1. You don't have to use your cache you merely need to assign one and you will begin getting billed. Have a look at your bill breakdown and see where it came from

  3. Even I have discovered that it's quite costly but in other conditions it has many excellent functions too. It marketplaces your important factors over several nodes as well as you are able to variety out without having to create changes to your customer part.

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