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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Unable to remove directory. Access to the path 'mswasri.dll' is denied when packaging an Azure project

When trying to build a package using the Azure SDK built into Visual Studio 2010 I sometimes get the error message "Unable to remove directory "bin\Release\CloudPackage.csx\". Access to the path 'mswasri.dll' is denied."

This stopped me from being able to build Azure cloud package ready for deployment. I tried changing my cloud package .csx file to read only but it just changed back. I tried deleting it but it was in use.

This gave me a clue. I run my local copy of my Azure site through my local IIS. I think this was locking the site and thus preventing it from being packaged.


The way to solve this problem that I found to work best was to find the Application Pool that is running the web application in my local development environment and stop it. This allows me to successfully package my web application ready from deployment to the Azure cloud!

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  1. actually I'm able to build the package by shutting down the compute emulator.

    anyway, this should not happen. I'm admin, and UC is disabled... I guess VS should be able to terminate/reboot the CE when necessary.

  2. I had the same error with But be careful with downloading dlls from the interenet,this file can be filled with any virus, which could harm your PC in the future.

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