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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Multi line box selection editting is actually pretty useful in Visual Studio 2010

I thought this new multi line box select and edit ability was a bit gimicy and pointless. I never thought I'd ever use it. I found I needed it today and it is actually really useful!

I needed a load of bullet points hardcoded so I did the usual and wrote one out and copy and pasted the line several times then filled in the specific bit. Here it is:

WHOOPS! I got it wrong and need to make the ID more specific. I wanted to change li01 to liGuide01 and so on. Easy now though: Alt+Select the box you want to edit (little note - it's more start selecting and then hold down Alt):

I was so happy when I did this and found myself doing it all over the place, e.g. I need to add another class to all these or I could have even written them all out like this in the beginning rather than copy+pasting.

Also, this works on all code inside VS2010 just remember to keep all your code nice and aligned!

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  1. Hey Do you tell me what code have you written so far? What language are you even working in? Visual Studio mobile app developers supports a number of languages out of the box and more with add-ons.